I am very happy with your company and will continue to buy from you. I especially like the personal service you have given me so far. Thank you!
Sincerely, Barbara

We are continuing to enjoy the wonderful beef and will also continue to sing your praises!

I enjoyed your Porterhouse Steak. The wrapping and labeling of the meat itself was delightful.

The taste was one of the best any of us had experienced of beef itself (we spoke about some of the sauces used to enhance beef dining, especially in Paris, but we tried to compare beef to beef). Tender, juicy, aromatic, melting in your mouth with fantastic flavor.

We ate it all- more than we normally would in these days of waistline watching and portion management. I sent two cuts to my son and his wife. Hat’s off to you. Anyone who tastes NY Beef will be asking for more.

New York Beef Company steaks are the best steaks I’ve ever been able to enjoy at home.  We’ve had friends over for dinner, and they agree.  The difference from a grocery store steak is amazing – I never would have believed it, until I tried them.  I now send these steaks to family members when a special “thank you” is in order.