Why 100% Grass Fed Beef?

It’s better for cattle. Most beef consumed in the US is “grain finished” at large-scale commercial feedlots. Our “100 percent grass-fed beef” is both raised and finished on an all-natural, grass diet, that results in animals that are much healthier. Our cattle never receive antibiotics, hormone implants or by-products, so there’s no risk of mad cow disease. Our “free range” approach to raising beef is also much more humane than the feedlot system.

It’s better tasting. We use a combination of high-tech and traditional techniques to produce the best tasting beef money can buy. We use high tech scanning equipment to verify the natural marbling of each animal so the meat won’t be too lean. And we use the old-fashioned, natural process of dry-aging both to tenderize the meat and to concentrate its authentic beef flavor. Mass-produced beef uses wet-aging in vacuum-packed bags, a process that does not provide the same gourmet results. New York beef has a firm yet tender texture and a deep, rich wonderful flavor.

It’s better for you. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of grass farming is that the meat offers tremendously significant health benefits. New York Beef Company meat contains high levels of Omega 3’s—the fatty acids that can reduce cholesterol and fight heart disease. In contrast, grain-finished animals from feedlots are high in Omega 6’s—the fatty acids that can raise cholesterol levels. In addition, our grass-finished beef offers 400 percent more vitamin A and E than commercial beef, and is rich in beta-carotene and conjugated linoleic acids, both major cancer inhibitors.